Six Tips To Help You Win Your First Rummy Game

Six Tips To Help You Win Your First Rummy Game

Indian rummy has been around as a household game for as long as anyone could remember. Popular at family get-togethers, long train rides, and among friends to spend a fun evening, Indian rummy games have come a long way. Nowadays the family get-togethers have dwindled for various reasons, as people started getting busy in their lives, Indian rummy game has lost its charm along its way. Taking into consideration how one of the most popular and loved games has ebbed away; many gaming developers took it upon themselves to bring the game into life again, on digital platforms. So a few years ago many rummy games emerged on gaming websites.

Today tens of thousands of people play Indian rummy games online, as the most loved game has made a staggering comeback, thus uniting thousands of players from all around the world. These gaming websites allow players to choose whether they want to play free tournaments or cash rummy. It is a game of skill that makes use of playing cards and is played among 2 to 6 players. Not only is this an easy and fun game, but Indian rummy also has quite a few benefits for the players. Every day more and more people join the gaming community on these online platforms, as the rummy game is reaching all kinds of players from different age ranges all across the globe. Even though many would call the rummy game, a luck game it could not be any further from the truth. 

Rummy game is a game of skill, as recognized by the Supreme Court of India. It requires an analytical mind, hand-eye coordination, thinking power, observation sense within a short time. The quick thinking and the ability to devise a game plan on the spot, while simultaneously keeping an eye on the opponent’s discarded card is what makes one a great rummy player. To play the rummy game in the virtual world, you will be required to have a gaming account on any of the gaming websites. If you are planning to play cash rummy, you would also require to insert your credit/debit card details or net banking details. They use a secure SSL server to make sure the payments are secured from any third-party intervention.

Here are six steps that could be helpful to win your first rummy game:

  1. Find your specialization: Rummy game has several variations. Some of the most popular Indian rummy variations are point rummy, deals rummy, and pool rummy. To find your niche, you will be required to play and check out all the variations. Once you know which variation you specialize in, you could proceed to play the game. Frequently playing all the forms will give you an idea which one is easy to master and where your skills lie. Even though practice rummy games are not as engaging as the real tournaments one, you will still learn a lot of tricks and moves.
  2. Arrange your hand: As soon as you receive your quota of 13 cards, start arranging them in a specific order. This will help you recognize the cards that you need to discard once the game begins. It will also avoid any kind of confusion that might later arise. Keep the related cards on one side and unrelated ones on the other, as it will help you further in the game.
  3. Pure sequence: A game of rummy requires at least a pure sequence and an impure one to win a game. With the 13 cards you receive, the first aim is to form a pure sequence of at least 3 cards. A pure sequence is formed by arranging three or more consecutive cards that belong to the same suit. An impure sequence is formed using a wild joker’s card that you receive with your 13-card quota. Forming sequences helps in reducing the points at the end of the game.
  4. Discard section: Keep a close eye on the discard section to know which cards your opponents are discarding. This will give you an idea of what sequence they are trying to form so that you do not discard a card that would help them. Also, keep an eye on what card your opponent is picking from the open pile section. It will help you to form your game plan or make changes in the one you already have. The rummy game makes use of basic mathematics and probabilities skills. So keeping an eye on the discard and card pick-up pattern of the opponent, you could have an upper hand and eventually win the game. 
  5. Trick your rivals: Tricking your rivals in them discarding a card that you need in a rummy game could lead you to win it. For a newcomer, it could be a challenge as to how to trick your opponents. By watching some videos from professionals and practicing your game in free tournaments, you can trick your rivals in cash rummy games. 
  6. Strategy to win a game: To win a rummy game you must strategize to bluff your opponent. Be careful about the cards you discard and the ones you pick from the open pile. As whatever you do, you should consider that you are being keenly observed by your opponents so that they can get an idea of your gameplay.

Whichever Rummy game you play, be it the free tournaments or cash rummy, you should always keep in mind that it is just a game that is meant for fun and entertainment. You could use cash rummy as an option for a secondary income, at most. Do not get too stressed if you lose some of the rummy sessions. Some days you might win each game you play and other days it might not be so. Always know when to drop the game. Whenever you feel like you are having a bad hand and you are nowhere near forming a sequence or a set or your opponent is on the verge of winning, dropping the game is the ideal option for you. You can learn only by observing other people’s games. Once you finish a game, whether you win or lose, revisit the game to assess your mistakes, and make sure not to repeat them in the future.