Pok Deng is a Card Game that Thai People are well known

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Pok Deng, a card game that is easy to play. Online poker bounce for real money

 For those who like playing cards, no one would know.

ไพ่ป๊อกเด้ง is easy to play, fun and exciting, and of course, Pokdeng has a game that can be played for real money. The type that can play with others in the online room at UFABET or to invite friends to play in the online card room at the same time with a minimum of 10 baht per eye and if you want to earn more than playing cards yourself If you want to play as a bouncer, you can invest 1,250 baht. You are a bouncer without having to find your own card leg. Because each room of the game here has Pok Deng. 24 hours online card player

Pokdeng online game

In the past 5 years, the online community has grown exponentially. You can play online poker games at various online casino sites more easily. For today, we will bring you to know more about this great card game. for people who are still new Or people who already play online cards to know how to make money from Pok Deng.

How to play PokDeng online?

Online Pokdeng Rules Payment details How to play poker Things to know before playing online cards so that you can understand more before you spend real money playing Pokdeng online.

There will be a way to play poker. Will be divided into 1 dealer and players (card legs) at least 1 leg up to 7 legs, the sequence of dealing poker cards will be dealt one by one. The dealer will start with the hand dealt first and the dealer last. The cards are dealt in a circle like this for 2 rounds. When everyone in the poker circle has 2 cards in the person’s hand, the player must be able to have more card points in their hand than the dealer to win in that turn. Add the points in your own hand to get 8 or 9 points to win, but if the dealer has the same points as the player, it is considered a draw. Don’t waste.

Counting points, bouncing cards

Pokdeng will use 1 deck of cards with 52 cards, which will count the cards according to the number of cards and give the value of 10, J, Q and K equal to 0.

In playing Pokdeng, the dealer shuffles the cards. The player will cut the cards. The player, known as the leg ball, can stab a minimum of 10 baht per eye, a maximum of 5,000 baht per eye.

Poker 8 , 9 (two bounces) you will get money multiplied by 2 by two bounces means The suit of the cards is the same, for example 5 hearts and 4 hearts, so you get 2 bounces, 9 points.

Poker 8, 9 (normal bounce), you will get money equal to the money you bet. By winning ordinary Pokdeng means The suit of the cards is different but counts 8 , 9.

Example : 5 Hearts and 4 Spades, it means that you get 9 points without bouncing.